Thursday, July 15, 2010

JLOC Collective

JLOC Collective has been offered a summer residency 
spot with The Field at their FAR Space Studios in Chelsea

JLOC Collective is a modern dance company whose goal is to create.  It is formed by members whose concepts and creative processes vary, but when brought together, make for a collaborative effort that is exploratory, inventive, and inviting. When producing new works, they each take inspiration from the strengths and abilities of each other.  Always interested in the creative process, members are encouraged to submit proposals for review and possible performance.   JLOC Collective does not believe in one choreographic mind, but many, so that the information and movement being presented on stage to an audience is still invigorating piece after piece. 

JLOC Collective also hosts workshops throughout Long Island and Queens.  It is our belief that all people, no matter the age, should be given the opportunity to express themselves through dance.  We are here to nurture and guide the youth, as well as the experienced, to help them find their inner dancer and achieve whatever goals they have set for themselves.

JLOC Collective performs on Long Island, Queens, New York City, New Jersey, and California and we hope to be ever expanding. 
JLOC introduces new members that will be performing with JLOC Collective.
Bryn Cohen, Brittany Antle, Lauren Kime

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